Case Studies:

Background:  Chronic winery dust and soil erosion problems from unpaved roadways and parking areas have plagued wineries and vineyards for years. Vine type, soil, climate and the hand of the winemaker all play important roles in shaping the characteristics of fine wine.


Problem: Vineyard dust-related disease and mites, dust from grapes forming sledge in the bottom of presses, health and safety hazards, as well as costly maintenance and operating conditions are some of the most common problems winemakers strive to eliminate.


Solution:  Soil-Sement® met the specific needs and high standards of the wine producing community. It provided complete and cost effective control of winery dust and soil erosion throughout California’s prestigious wineries by not allowing fugitive vineyard dust to enter the equation. Soil-Sement was environmentally safe, did not cause harm to vegetation and reduced potholes and rutting while providing lower maintenance and operating costs and improved productivity and morale.